Uwin Iwin to manage incentive program for Nokia Microsoft

South Africa-based Uwin Iwin, the global incentive solutions company, has tied up with Nokia-Microsoft in India to manage their partner incentives and fuel growth and satisfaction among partners.

In his visit to India recently, David Sand, CEO, Uwin Iwin said that the deal is an exclusive one where the company cannot deal with other telecom players in India.

Sand said, “We will actively engage with Nokia-Microsoft giving them competitive advantage over other partners.”

On various different ways on managing incentive market, Sand said that their main focus is on the ‘vital 70%’ of the channels. Sand added, “The top 20-25% of the partners’ satisfaction is generally taken off but the bottom 70% is left ignored. We will incentivize this segment.”

The company is also in talks with other IT companies like Acer, Dell, Samsung among others. In other global markets, the company deals with Acer Africa among others.
Apart from the IT and telecom customers, the company deals with BMW in India.

 Talking about the incentive market and its usage, he said that the company can also increase the satisfaction levels of the partners through incentives, affected by the surge in e-commerce players affected partners.
Sand also mentioned the similarity in Indian and African market where there are different layers of channels-from high level MBA grads to street players. He mentioned that this understanding gives his company an edge over its competitors.

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