Used PCs on demand: Gartner

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Demand for used PCs in emerging regions is robust and is exceeding supply in

some markets, according to Gartner. For every two new PCs shipped to mature

markets in 2005, one secondary market PC will be resold.

Gartner defines a secondary-market PC as a PC that has been used for more

than three months by its primary/initial user and then made available to another

user for secondary use. Such PCs mainly come from supplier nations, such as the

United States, Japan and Western Europe, into demand regions such as Eastern

Europe, Middle East and Africa (MEA), Latin America and Asia/ Pacific.

Currently, one in 12 PCs in use worldwide is a secondary PC. In 2004, 152.5

million secondary PCs were shipped. Gartner analysts estimate 36 percent of

secondary PCs or 55 million PCs, were dedicated to reuse. These secondary

machines will provide a strong base from which the used PC market will grow.


"The demand for secondary PCs continues to exceed supply, providing

opportunistic but potentially lucrative opportunities for specialized

intermediaries and resellers or vendors looking to resell used PCs," said

Meike Escherich, Principal Analyst for Gartner's Client Platforms Research


He added that unlike mature markets, operating system intellectual property

rights are rarely respected, allowing lower resale values for secondary

machines. Gartner analysts said the secondary PC market will continue to grow

during the next several years in the home and professional markets, sparked by

replacement activity, longer system life, new-seat opportunities in low-cost


"With recycling legislation becoming more common, organizations will

have a greater incentive to sell their used PCs," Meike said. "PC

performance is extending the useful life of PCs. At the same time, users are

opting to extend the life spans of installed PCs. This may increase used PC

availability," he said.


this, Acme is also looking forward to selling end-to-end NAS and SAN-based

storage solutions as well.

Acme is alsoa working towards offering a mix of open source technologies for

its set of clientele in the region. "There are a lot of opportunities in

this region, we just need to explore the best possible way to create a win-win

situation for our clients. So, if our customers cannot afford Sun Solaris, we

would be offering them a solution based on open source as Sun Microsystems

supports the open source cause to quite an extent," added Mishra.

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