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Nisha Kurian

"Stop using paper, use email instead", thus become a part of Sify GreenMail movement, a recent launch by Every mail you will be sending through will make a difference in the environment. The more you send an email the equal number of trees will be planted by Sify in association with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and other environmental organization like


Join this innovative green movement where you do not have to spend time, money, energy, raise slogans or participate in hunger strikes. All one has to do is register at Sify GreenMail and wait for the difference around you. With each click of your mouse at the site, has taken the responsibility of planting thousands of saplings in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. The Forest Department of Tamil Nadu has extended their co-operation by supplying with saplings of Neem, Ashok, Banyan and Peepal to be planted in Chennai city.


Its all about the environment at A major highlight has been given to the Banyan tree, with insights into the legend and myth associated with it (Once there was a tree). Sify Green has displayed some of its studies on the mystery and allures of the great Indian Banyan tree. Mystical trees amounts for some interesting reading where trees with religious and spiritual importance have been listed out. You will learn how in Egyptian mythology sycamore tree was held in high stead. It was believed that a pair of sycamore stood at the gate of heaven from which Ra, the Sun God appeared every morning.

Send e-cards, which promote the green movement. Snap Shots is the ideal stop in this website. Hear you will find an array of post cards, which share some tree truths with you.

A space has been allotted to explore the wild life of India. Get a brief glimpse of the romantic side of India from the mist-covered hills of Wayanadu to the plains of Ranthambore. Meet the `Green Heroes', like M Krishnan and Jana Goodall who contributed for the wildlife.

So, become a Green Hero by giving away to papers and making use of email and support in their Green Venture.