UPS with extended battery run-time of eight hours

DQW Bureau
New Update


Bharat Power Conversion, a

manufacturer of online UPS system has lunched the micro controller-based line

interactive UPS System of IT series.


  • Line interactive design: The AVR used in the line

    interactive design allows the UPS to work on even in low voltage or high voltage

    conditions and to give Mains output to the computer connected.

  • Extended battery run-time: Offers a wide ran-ge of battery

    run-time option over up to eight hours.

  • Telephone line surge protection: Completely prevents the

    entry of dangerous lighting strikes and transient surges through telephone line

    to the internal model and motherboard.

  • Generator compatibility: Compatible with the generator thus

    extending back-up time and enhancing the battery life.

  • Cold start: Allows starting up the computer on batteries

    even when the mains is absent.

  • User-friendly front panel: Mains on, inverter on, fault, battery level