UPCDA’s led revolution asking ‘Online Leave India’


Mission Right to survive and grow: UPCDA’s further step

IT traders are raising their voice to the Government of India (GoI) and political parties to immediately take action against the unethical online retailers. There are some unethical online retailers who are using their selling below the cost price to lure customers and capture the whole market using foreign venture capital.

UPCDA, Uttar Pradesh Computer Dealer Association held a meeting with all associations of Uttar Pradesh and major vendors on 26 November 2014 at hotel Lavana, Lucknow. Agenda was to evaluate and analyze the current market dynamics, to discuss and evaluate the impact of e-commerce companies on Indian IT market, to figure out possible ways to take corrective action and also to evaluate action taken in the past.

At this juncture invited vendors included Nitish Singhal ZSM HP India; P.K.Singh, RSM HP India; Rajat Mehrotra, ASM Dell India; Durgendra Singh, ASM Lenovo; Sukesh Sharma from Acer India; Varnit Poddar from iBall. National distributors comprised of Rajeev Ratan Singh from Redington; Arshad from Savex; Sanjay Sharma from Ingram India including many representatives from leading I.T companies.

Agra Computer Dealers Association (ACDA), Meerut Computer Dealers Association (MCDA), Allahabad Computers Dealers Welfare Association (ACDWA), Bareilly and Ghaziabad association showed active participation.

Manish Mehrotra, secretary and joint secretary Shiv Shankar Singh on this occasion highlighted the importance of the meeting and outlined the agenda for the meeting discussing. Rohit Kohli, president, UPCDA highlighted the plight of the loss of revenue to the government and to the exchequer.


UPCDA is striving to fix issue with the help of all like minded members who believe in growth opportunity for all and right to survive. They have also come up with a slogan “Survey Bhawantu Sukhinah” meaning ‘to grow together’.

Uttar Pradesh association said “Our only mission is to protect the right to survive and grow for all sections. We do not oppose online retail format or any legal business format but we strongly oppose the unethical business practices undertaken by online retailers who are selling in losses to capture the market. For these big online retailers and their investors it is just gambling but for millions of retailers it’s a matter of their survival. It’s the time that we need to form a collective action to send the unethical online retailers to shut down or to be correct.”

UPCDA also voiced the new revolutionary slogan “Online Leave up” and “Online Leave India.”

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