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Unistal releases New Version of Protegent Data Security products

Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd., the developer and provider of Antivirus, data care, data recovery and data security software recently announced release of its new version of Protegent data security products.

“We are very happy with the tremendous response from our re-sellers towards new Protegent software. To reward their support for our product, we have decided to replace all unregistered Protegent products with the new one for our re-sellers. We do believe that it will be a small step in adding more trusts between company and re-sellers”, said Alok Gupta, Managing Director Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd.

New version of Protegent comes with extremely new look and features:

  1. New and User-Friendly GUI

Experts professional have developed Protegent with extremely new look which symbolizes the theme of Windows 10 and is designed in such a way that users find it very convenient to use.

  1. Fast Download and Installation

Protegent new data security range is light weight and gets downloaded quickly from Unistal website. Talking about the installation process, our experts have made it extremely fast and it takes about a minute or so to install it.

  1. Robust Database Engine

New version of Protegent has strength out database engine so that antivirus products would be able to detect every new virus and remove the same from computer system to make it fully secured.

  1. Advanced Firewall

New Protegent has advanced firewall which keeps your computer system secured from phishing attacks, spyware and other online cyber attacks.

  1. Support all Windows OS and Servers

Protegent antivirus products support all Windows operating systems and servers.

  1. Low Foot Print

Newly created signatures are packed together and regularly released to our users in the form of a Threat Signature Foot Print DB Update. These updates are rolled out on an hourly basis, 24-7-365 days which keep Protegent up-to-date.


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