Unimobile goes WAP

DQW Bureau
New Update, provider of global 'anywhere, any device' (AWAD) text

messaging, has announced the launch of Unimobile WAP. Unimobile WAP is an

extension of the company’s existing global messaging application--Unimobile,

and enables users of WAP devices worldwide to immediately implement two-way

global text messaging and information access.

Advertisment has developed this technology to work with the standards

employed by the WAP Forum, to deliver relevant information and services to WAP

device users in a timely manner. WAP users can now send and receive text

messages globally to and from mobile users of WAP devices, cellphones, pagers,

Palm and other hand-held devices, as well as with desktop Web browser users. WAP

devices can also be used to access worldwide information sources.

Unimobile WAP provides users with mobile capabilities for mobile

communications, device configuration, control, and content. WAP users can now

exploit Unimobile’s mobile text messaging features like address book, group

messaging and message blocking. Additionally, Unimobile WAP users can now get

access to their existing services through the WAP interface. Future versions of

Unimobile WAP will include support for adding mobile devices and mobile device

settings such as 'do not disturb' and 'active device' status.

"Unimobile WAP allows to translate its leadership in

global AWAD text messaging to the WAP platform. Unimobile WAP has been designed

and tested to provide our unique messaging products and services to run on the

vast majority of WAP devices out there. This demonstrates’s

flexible and highly scalable platform is at the leading edge of the fast

changing wireless technology landscape," said Vas Bhandarkar, President and