UIDAI certifies MorphoTop

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Morpho, a part of Safran group's

security business and also one of the world leaders in

multi-biometric technologies for fingerprint, iris, and facial

recognition, has announced that MorphoTop, its 10 fingerprint image

capture terminal, has been officially certified by UIDAI, (Unique

Identification Authority of India). This certification means that the

terminal is now compliant for capturing fingerprints for enrollment

and verification purposes under the world's largest biometric


MorphoTop, which is based on proven and

reliable technology, has already been deployed worldwide for various

major government projects such as the biometric passport in France

and enrollment in Latin America. It provides reliable fingerprint

scanning in less than two seconds and FBI-certified high-definition

(HD) images. Speaking on this occasion, Jean-Paul

Jainsky, Chairman and CEO, Morpho, said, “We are proud to have

achieved UIDAI certification for MorphoTop, an innovative product in

our line of fingerprint scanners. This certification makes us the

provider of hardware and solutions throughout the entire biometrics


Morpho technology played a key role in

the issuance of the first 12-digit UIDAI number during the

inauguration ceremony for the Aadhaar project by the Prime Minister

of India. This marked the official launch of the world's largest

biometrics-based identity project and a major leap for India's

development. Morpho has been at the forefront of this effort as the

biometrics technology provider for de-duplication of the very first


The program is designed to provide a

secure identity to all Indian residents, based on the latest

generation biometric technologies (fingerprint and iris recognition).

As part of this project each Indian resident will be assigned a

unique identification number. This number will not only enable secure

access to benefits and services (education, telecom, medical care,

banking and financial services), but also unprecedented political and

economic rights for the residents of India.