TVSE launches UPS for small work groups

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TVS Electronics Limited has launched two new variants with 800 VA & 1000

VA ratings under its StartUPS brand of Uninter-ruptible Power Supplies (UPS).

With this launch, TVS-E intends to consolidate its position in the entry level

uninterrupted power supply segment.

TVS Electronics Limited had earlier launched the StartUPS Classic Plus, a 600

VA UPS in the month of June for single PC applications. The StartUPS 800SL and

StartUPS 1000SL will offer power protection and backup for a work group cluster

of 2 to 3 PC's.

"Growing usage of networ-ked PC's and an increasing number of

peripherals is driving the market for 800 and 1000 VA UPS in the small

enterprises, we believe these variants will help in increasing our share of the

Sub 1 kVA Line-interactive UPS market" said R.Sudham, Product Manager-

Power Products.


"Though the current market for 800 VA and 1000 VA is small, our efforts

to offer higher value to the customers will help consolidate StartUPS volumes in

the near future. With these new variants we intend doubling our volumes in the

next few months" said R Vasudevan, Business Unit Head.

The new range operates on a wide input range of 140 to 300 V which will help

the product work well in tier II & III markets also. The unique StartSmart

feature will increase battery life by preventing deep discharge of the


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