TVS GOLD keyboard, now in black

DQW Bureau
New Update


Chennai based TVS Electronics Ltd, manufacturer of computer peri-pherals, has

launched a new shade TVS GOLD Keyboard. The keyboard will now be available in

black color. The keyboard is targeted at all customers who are opting for a

black system. With this launch TVSE expects to strengthen its market share in

this segment.

According to company sour-ces, TVS GOLD has crossed a sale of more than 1.5

million keyboards in India. The com-pany claims that using high quality

mechanical switches, TVS Gold keyboards last five times longer than ordinary

key-boards and ensure least fatigue to the power user. The keybo-ard has wide

compatibility and long operating life of switch.

The keyboard market in India is close to 35,00,000 units (IDC’s estimate

for 2004). TVSE enjoys the market leadership of over 50 percent in the

mech-nical keyboard segment.

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