TVS-E launches new products at Quarterly Channel Meet

DQW Bureau
24 May 2002

TVS Electronics (TVS-E), a Chennai based hardware company, has launched new high speed and heavy duty printers along with a new Mutlimedia keyboard and Rackmount UPS at its Quarterly Channel Meet in

TVS-E relaunched its MSP series of printers as MSPxl Classic series. The series has three printers, the MSP 250 xl Classic printer which has a top speed of 432 characters per second and comes in a 9 wire/ 80 column format, the MSP 255 xl Classic printer a commercial printer for office use which has a top speed of 432 characters per second and comes with a 9 wire/136 column format and the MSP 355 xl Classic printer with a top speed of 400 characters per second and is in a 24 wire/ 136 column format.

Apart from these in the heavy-duty printer category TVS-E launched DP 4000, DP 6000 and DP 1200 series of printers . These 24 wire/ 136 column printers have a speed range of 480 to 1100 characters per second.

TVS-E also relaunched its Gold Multimedia Keyboard with new added features. Switching off the numeric pad of the key board will give an access to its Multimedia functions which can facilitate internet navigation and will also facilitate the control of CD ROM functions. 

TVS-E has also come out with a new LAN UPS Rackmount model specially designed to facilitate the use of Telecom and Internet Applications. The new model has a wide input voltage range of 140 to 300 volts and is fitted with a Cold Start and a Power Management Software.

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