TVS-E intros remanufactured toners

DQW Bureau
New Update


TVS-E has entered into the consumables market with the soft launch of its own

brand of toners. “The laser printer market is dominated by major players and we

don't want to be a device player. So we have planned to enter the space as a

consumables player. We have just launched our own branded toners for all HP

models and interestingly these toners are remanufactured,” said, R Jaishankar,

Head-Sales, Transaction Products and Solutions Business Group, TVS-E. The

product would be officially launched by the end of JAS quarter.

TVS-E's promise to the costumer is original page yield, original print

quality yet 30 percent low-cost, claimed Jaishankar. “For repeat purchases or

large consumers of HP compatible toners, we assure a 30 percent reduction in

their annual cost,” Jaishankar said. He added that TVS-E definitely sees a good

opportunity in this space. “There is not a single national player in the toner

space who has established themselves, apart from HP. Many of them have come and

left the space without making a mark, especially in the remanufactured toner

space,” he averred. To start with TVS-E has come out with toners for HP printers

and they have also proposed to launch toners for other printers in the market.

TVS-E has taken the direct route for marketing these toners. “To start with,

we have planned to go direct by working with our key accounts and educating

them. We want to get as close to customers as we can and make them aware of the

quality and advantages of using TVS-E toners,” Jaishankar claimed.

TVS-E evaluated different factors in order to go to the market directly.

“Since most of the partners deal predominantly with HP products, we thought

initially we don't want to have a head-on collision. Secondly, this area of

remanufactured cartridges hasn't gained much interest among the channels, since

no vendor has established their footprints here,” he informed. He also said that

after establishing the product among customers, TVS-E would take the channel

route. “We would take the channel route probably within one year of our launch

for better reach,” Jaishankar informed.

On launching the toners and paving the way for customers to adopt laser

printers, he said, “Only 30-35 percent would be using DMP and the rest of the

market remains with laser technology, as the sale of inkjet printers has

comedown sharply. Laser would be in a long lasting space and we are not there.”

He also said that TVS-E would still champion the growth and cause of the DMP,

but this move of entering the consumables is to augment their presence in the

printing arena. “We are constantly exploring ways to expand the usability of DMP

in every possible area and we don't feel that DMP has come to an exit point.

Still there are miles to go and even at the end TVS-E would be the final player

to close the DMP segment,” Jaishankar claimed.