TVMITA implements SOUL

New Update

Tiruvannamalai Information Technology Association (TVMITA), recently, implemented the much-expected SOUL project in their district level. The implementation is a first-of-its-kind type as the much-discussed project of the Confed-ITA association has seen implementation.

Speaking to ‘The DQ Week', V.Adimurugan, President, TVMITA, said, "Since the SOUL project is seems to be delaying to implement in Tamilnadu level, we should try to implement SOUL in our region. In a General Body meeting conducted by the association, a resolution on SOUL has been passed. According to the resolution, "TVMITA will find a genuine dealer of brands who are ready to give 0.1% to the association and give their details to its members. The office bearers should take care of it. And TVMITA will sign an agreement or MOU with the dealers who are ready to give 0.1% to TVMITA on behalf of its members.", he said. He also said that "All the members of TVMITA should give consent letter to TVMITA as well as the dealer in the list who are already signed an agreement or MoU with TVMITA." He also insisted that Tiruvannamalai district members should try their level best to buy from the dealer in the list prescribed by the association. " At any time, if the member purchases products from any other company / dealer / distributor / reseller not listed by TVMITA, the member should bear the 0.1% payment. i.e. the member should give 0.1% percent of over all purchase other than from the prescribed dealer by TVMITA.", he added further stating that "

Even though the resolutions have been passed unanimously, it will be implemented effective from 1st of June. The SOUL (Stand on oUr legs) is one of the dream ideas of Confed-ITA, which has been proposed for the welfare of the channel partners and their family members is only on papers for years. The Tiruvannamalai district association has implemented this within their region.