TV via phone lines in India soon

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The day when you can access over 100 Mbps of voice, video and data over the

copper wire running to your house phone line is not very far. US based Ikanos

Communica-tion is bringing in its fiber extension technology to the Indian

market. Developer of smart silicon for profitable bro-adband and the first

company to extend broadband services at up to 100 Mbps over a single telephone

line, Ikanos is also expanding its off shore deve-lopment center in Bangalore to

make it the largest develop-ment center for the company.

The company currently has 30 people in India, as against 50 engineers

developing next generation technology in its headquarters at California, US. By

the end of this year, it plans to add another 60 to its workforce.

The India Development Cen-ter (IDC) will focus on hardware and software

design and development and application creation for Ikanos’ ultra high-speed

programmable chipsets. The site will also house a test and quality assurance



"We are spending millions of dollars for the Indian market. Its cost

effective, communi-cative and abundant talent pool, which brings us to India for

developing next generation products," said Richard Sekar, VP (Marketing),

Ikanos Communications.

The company has raised close to $100 million in invest-ment from various

investors, including, Sequia Capital and Intel Capital, the investment arm of

Intel Corporation. The company’s programmable chi-psets now support equipment

in the most advanced carrier networks in the world.

Ikanos Communications will introduce the Fx 100 Mbps Fiber Extension

technology this week in the India market. "Ikanos is enabling carriers

worldwide to deliver 100 Mbps to the consumer quickly and cost effectively.

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