Tussle between EdITA and Confed-ITA solved

New Update

It is going to be good news for both the sides of Confed-ITA and EdITA members. All the issues both the association had till date had come to an end after both the sides sat for a discussion recently.

According to the confed members, the district association was not happy with some of the policies and terms of the umbrella association. "What we wanted to bring into picture is that any resolution that has to be passed should get the real-approval from the committee and not a pre-prepared or pre-decided by the office-bearers. There were huge opposition from our association on some of the resolutions taken in the past EC meetings and many of our members wanted to re-consider them.", says a member from the Erode association. Another member from EdITA said, "We had some issues with the Confed association on the member subscription. There are issues that are cropping up as there is a mix of associations with small members and with huge members in the Confed-ITA." "We had put a strong word that the subscription should be collected from the association and not the members from the association.", another member told. He also said that two people representing Confed-ITA called on the office bearers of the Erode association and had assured that their needs will be taken care and the issues will be resolved.

Confirming the news, another senior member from the Erode association said, "They came recently and had signed few documents which we feel happy." With rumors spreading among the Confed-ITA members that Erode association may pull out of the state association, this positive step from both the sides has been welcomed by everyone.