Tuffbook with magnesium alloy casing

DQW Bureau
25 Sep 2006
New Update


Panasonic Systems Asia Pacific has launched legendary Toughbook range of

mobile computers to different verticals, and also announced its country-wide

retail program to make Toughbooks available to highly discerning individual

customers as well.

Panasonic ToughBooks are made as per MIL-standards and have earned a major

share of the market worldwide. It is one of the leading brands in the business

laptop market in Japan. Bucking the trend of outsourcing, ToughBooks are the

only laptop brand where all models are conceived, designed, manufactured and

tested in-house.



Price: Rs 1,60,000


ToughBooks field mobile PC are subjected to 26 sequential drops onto each

face, edge and corner from a height of 3 ft on a two inch-thick plywood over a

steel plate over concrete; one hour of vibration per axis simulating 1,000 miles

of transportation; 15 minutes of water drip with the LCD open and unit

operating; 95 percent humidity for 10 days; exposure to silica dust, temperature

extremes ranging from 60 degrees celsius to 28 degrees celsius; thermal shocks

ranging from 96 degrees celsius to 51 degrees celsius; atmospheric pressure of a

military aircraft at 15,000 ft above sea level; and the spark test for high

fuel-air mix atmospheres.


  • The rugged design begins from the proprietary magnesium alloy casing and

    extends to the hard drive that insulate the disk from any shock even when

    the head is writing onto the drive
  • It further goes on to the LCD screen which is fitted with internal

  • The connectors are also made flexible to absorb shock
  • Another unusual feature is the fan-less design and lack of an air vent.

    All covers are sealed by specially developed synthetic resin to protect

    against water and dust
  • ToughBooks are also amazingly light, almost 50 percent lighter than

    equivalent models from other brands
  • The product boast of battery life of up to 8.5 hours on a single battery
  • ToughBooks comprises outdoor readable LCD screens making them suitable for

    outdoor use
  • The paint on a Toughbook is scratch resistant
  • ToughBooks can support up to four integrated wireless WAN technologies

    simultaneously. So, one can have CDMA/EVDO, GPRS/EDGE, GPS and bluetooth all

    working inside the laptop