Tricom ties-up with Luxology

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Multimedia has inked a deal with

Luxology for the distribution of their modo 501, a 3D software

product, in India. With this new tie-up, Luxology will make its

presence in the country. “We feel that there is a monopoly in the

Mumbai market with regards to the 3D software, as there is only one

player, Autodesk, who is ruling the market presently. The products

sold by them are 3D studio, Maya and Soft image, which is a big

advantage for them. We are happy to partner with Luxology and will

distribute their products in India, because we will be providing more

options to the customers.

Modo 501 is used by worldwide community

of artists and designers and is one of the world's greatest

modelers allowing rapid ideation of virtually any manmade or organic

shape. Equipped with a world class renderer that is fast and threaded

up to 32 cores, this product will let you render upto 100000 pixel

wide images with trillion polygon detail. One can render upto 50

workstations with a single license of modo,” said Harinder Salwan,

CEO, Tricom Multimedia. Sharing the plans for appointing partners,

Salwan told that they are planing to appoint 12 partners across the

country covering all the major metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and

sub-metros like Pune, Nagpur, Chandigarh and many more. He will also

appoint 2 authorized partners in the training space, who can help

partners in getting trained in these tools. “Aggressive pricing is

equally important for the sale of these products and to be in the

competition. Thus, we have priced products at affordable rates,

suitable for the partners in India, at Rs

55,000 for single-user product, which

is half the price of what 3D studio sells in the market. For the

education domain, we will sell products at Rs 11,000 and our main

focus would be educational institutes. We are also working on an

affiliate channel model program for online selling of this product,”

added Salwan. Talking about the c ompe t i t i on in the market,

Salwan said they will find it difficult to roll out the products in

the market, but they are working on the same and are creating new

strategies which will help in the sale. “Customers will be happy to

buy two products of mine rather than just one product of any other

company,” said Salwan.