Trend Micro braves entry of Microsoft into the antivirus software market

DQW Bureau
New Update

With the news that Microsoft Corp plans to start online

antivirus service in June this year, major antivirus companies such as Trend

Micro and Norton pointed out that they won't be surprised by the move but

would continue to cultivate the market of business users. Microsoft-based

platforms have grabbed more than 90 percent of market share, which make it the

main target of the hackers' attacks. Microsoft has started to integrate

several information security companies last year and plans to launch OneCare

antivirus service in June which is seen as the entering to the antivirus market

of the company. However, the antivirus companies don't think that will be a

threat to them. Trend Micro indicated that the target customers of Microsoft are

the end-users while the most of revenues of Trend Micro come from the enterprise

market. Trend Micro will continue upgrading their services on the field and

developing the total solution to the enterprises. In that situation, Microsoft

would not grab the revenues and earnings of Trend Micro.