Transcend to get ISO 9001, 14001 certification

DQW Bureau
New Update


Transcend Informa-tion Inc announced that its quality

processes have been verified by Bureau Veritas Quality Information (BVQI).

The company will soon receive ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications from UKAS

and HSPM (QC 080000) certification from IECQ.

Committed to providing quality products and keeping social responsibility,

Transcend continually improves its quality and environmental systems in order to

maintain the leading status among competitors. In conformity to the EU's

requirements for hazardous substances, Transcend integrated supply chain

management into its operation system. The company's complete operation,

including product design, material supply, production and logistic, is carefully

monitored, and Transcend's products comply with RoHS requirements.


In order to fulfill global standards and customers' expectations, Transcend

understands that product quality control and environmental improvement must be

integrated and blended into the daily operation. That is why Transcend built a

strong operation system, which includes quality, environmental, and hazardous

substance management. Obtaining the certifications not only proved the

effectiveness and stability of this operation system, but also built up a new

milestone on ISO/IEC verification.

ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems-used in any organization that designs,

develops, manufactures, and provides products or services. This certification

helps companies achieve standards of quality that are recognized and respected

throughout the world.

...Lifetime servicing for

flash cards/drives

Transcend has just expanded its

pion-eering lifetime warranty. Announced on Nov 1, 2006, this service is

now activated for all Transcend SD, MMC and CF flash cards series

(excluding CF Industrial) and all JetFlash USB flash drives (except

JetFlash 210) bought since Jan 1, 2006.

Transcend is backing up

two more product lines with their lifetime warranty services. The warranty

includes free service and repair for product damages under normal use and

not caused by third-party products or components.

Global satisfaction

All Transcend products are 100 percent tested before they leave the

factory floor. Only top quality chips are used and a high standard of

quality control is ensured. Transcend is fully confident and proud to

present global lifetime warranty services.

Transcend flash cards and JetFlash USB

flash drives are frequently rated among the fastest, most reliable and

most reasonably priced solutions for storing documents, pictures, music

and videos for personal and business purposes, across the globe. Transcend's

lifetime warranty service pushes the limits of expectations, crossing time

zones to bring you a ubiquitous and unlimited service.

The ISO14001 Environ-mental Management Standards apply to any organization

producing any product or service anywhere in the world. It exists to help

companies minimize how their operations negatively affect the environment.

HSPM (Hazardous Subs-tance Process Management, QC 080000) is the process

management certification for electrical and electronic components and products

that comply with requi-rements for the restriction of hazardous substances.