Trango appoints Micro Village, India as a disti for SAARC region

DQW Bureau
07 Oct 2004

Trango Broadband Wireless, a division of US- based Trango Systems Inc
appointed Micro Village of India as the company's autho-rized distributor for
the SAARC region. Trango Broadband wireless is a technology leader specializing
in the develop-ment and manufacturing of broadband wireless access solutions
used globally by service providers, and corpo-rate. Trango Broadband pro-ducts
provide a wireless alternative to wired Internet access solutions such as DSL
and cable modems.

Trango Broadband Wireless offers a multitude of solutions addressing the
demand for high-speed IP-based data services. Trango provides point to point and
point to multipoint wireless solution in frequency spectrum of 900MHz, 2400Mhz,
5300Mhz, and 5800Mhz.

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