TRAI Loses Call-Drop Case in Supreme Court

Overturning the Delhi High Court judgment, the Supreme Court today ruled that the TRAI order to the telecom providers that they have to pay between Rs 1 to Rs 3 was unreasonable and not transparent. The TRAI had argued that the telecom service providers were making exorbitant profits and not giving fair service to their clients. Thus,

The Delhi High Court had upheld the TRAI order and has asked the telecom companies to follow the regulation. However, they decided to challenge the judgment in the Supreme Court and came out the winner. The telecom companies argued that the TRAI order was populist in nature and they had spent on 2 lakhs towers in the last 15 months.

The telecom minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that the government would look into the matter .

The real losers in the entire process are the users, because many times they find the call has been disconnected despite good connectivity and good condition of the phone, battery charge etc. There is a need to have a debate about how much profit the telecom companies should make at how much cost. After TRAI loses call-drop case, it is difficult for the users to have any confidence in the telecom providers.

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