Traders Association of Information Technology (TAIT)

DQW Bureau
New Update


TAIT has been rated

high on elections, internal meetings and awareness programs. What do

you think, is the crucial part of these three?

Awareness programs are the

most crucial. With internal meetings, the plans are discussed, but

unless we make the members aware, it will not materialize. Activities

like seminars, new product launches, exhibitions and new initiatives,

like we did with the recent Microsoft genuine software keeps on

happening periodically. We make it a point to communicate with our

members on a regular basis, discussing about their problems and

solving it.

Do you see that regular

business events helped TAIT to top the chart? Please elaborate.

Yes. In fact we also

organize stress management programs and financial programs in order

to improve logistics efficiently. We also make sure to have at least

one meeting with the family members of our association members in

order to help bond with them as well.

Besides other programs,

regular website updation was one of the important part of information

sharing. But most of the IT channel associations lack this. Do you

think that other associations should adopt it for activities


Now the information

sharing is moving towards Web. Everybody is online and it is

convenient to access information by checking the website. Even

government is encouraging more and more usage of websites for

government information and as such the habit is being developed. In

fact every organization should try and adopt this now.

What are the challenges

that you face as an association, and how are you responding to them?

Members welfare and growth

is the most important challenge in today's competitive scenario.

How our members can adapt to changing technologies and scenarios is

crucial for the association and various seminars, awareness programs,

exhibitions of new technologies and regular interaction with vendors

is what we intend to focus in times to come. We have also become a

member of MAIT, which will help in growth of our member and will also

help us get regular updates on the latest government policies. In

future, we also plan to form an advisory board which would only

consist of CEOs of top companies, which will help in sharing

information based on new products and distribution strategy.

Where do you see a room

for improvement in the regular functioning of TAIT?

Learning from mistakes and

improving is the key to success . Every activity demands better

improvement and aiming for the higher goals.