TouchMagix looking for Indian partners

DQW Bureau
05 Jul 2010
New Update


TouchMagix, the next-gen

digital media company which offers interactive display solutions like

floor and wall multi-touch tables as well as touch windows and 3D

MagixSense is keen on widening its partner base in India.

Currently operational in

15 countries worldwide, TouchMagix is optimistic about the Indian

market and is looking for regional partners. "Though, we have

been focusing mainly on the international markets since the

beginning, but we believe that India has a great potential to adopt

this product. We are presently looking for strong local partners

across India to widen our reach in the Indian domain," said Anup

Tapadia, Director, TouchMagix.

Speaking to The DQ

, Tapadia asserted that the company combines an advanced

optical hardware sensor-MagixSense, together with a sophisticated

movement recognition software to create a line of novel products that

they offer.

TouchMagix offers online

and telephonic support to its customers, and their local partners

offer deployment and other services throughout their respective

zones. "The company operates a franchise network, who deploys

and services TouchMagix systems in India," said Tapadia.