Toshiba rolls out Mini NB300 and 305 Netbooks

DQW Bureau
05 Feb 2010

style="font-weight: normal;"> href="">Toshiba
has launched new Mini NB300 and 305 Netbooks. Featuring a six-cell
high capacity battery pack, these latest offerings from Toshiba boast
of a 11-hour battery life.
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Toshiba principle of packing as much as possible into as small a
space as they can, certainly seems to have paid off this time. These
latest offerings from Toshiba can manage a hefty 11 hours from a
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Rob Woolley, Laptop Specialist of computer experts IT247.

Intel Atom N450 processor clocked at 1.66GHz is integrated into the
graphics card and memory controller to keep energy consumption to a
minimum. “Energy efficiency is at the heart of the Netbook
revolution. People who buy Netbooks want them to perform specific
tasks, and if they can do that quickly and efficiently, then Toshiba
has a sure-fire winner in their hands with the NB range,” said

with new Windows 7 operating system, both the models are also
equipped with the LifeSpace application suite. The Bulletin Board
helps users organize everyday projects and activities in a
personalized way. The application, developed by Toshiba, provides a
unique way to find and access stored files from the desktop through
the ReelTime feature.

great organizational applications, wireless connectivity, integrated
Wi-Fi and up to 250GB of storage space, the Mini NB300 and 305 are
setting a new standard amongst netbooks, and are definitely
contenders against the higher spec laptops and notebooks,” added

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