Toshiba launches Satellite L630 for tough Indian conditions

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The Personal Computer Division of


India has announced the expansion of its range of laptops

with the introduction of Toshiba Satellite L630 for the young and

trendy Indians. The new offering is designed to function effectively

under the tough Indian conditions and also to address the Indian

users' concerns efficiently.

“India is an important market for us.

We have been addressing the problems and concerns of Indian users

through our innovations. Toshiba Satellite L630 is one such

initiative in that direction. Our new offering comes with a series of

innovative features that effectively addresses the problems faced by

Indian users,” informed Sivakumar N, GM-Personal Computer

Division, Toshiba India. Toshiba pioneered the laptop market 25 years

ago and has been promoting its offerings in India for over 20 years

now. Keeping the usage pattern and the Indian conditions in mind, the

company has incorporated a series of innovative features in the

product. One of the important features is the inclusion of wipeable

keyboard. This is a simple yet important feature for the dusty Indian

environment. Besides protecting dust from settling onto the keyboard

and into the interior part of the laptop, it also prevents permanent

damages to the system board commonly caused by conductive debris such

as paper clips and paper staples trapped inside the maze of

electrical circuitry. It also allows easy clean-up of accidental

liquid spills and smudges left by messy hands. In addition, Toshiba

design engineers have successfully introduced a no-gloss Dura-cross

textured finish for the display cover of the Satellite L630, which

reduces fingerprints, another common nuisance.

Another common practice amongst the

Indian users is the use of laptops in moving vehicles. However, poor

road condition poses a different set of challenges for such road

warriors, i.e. hard disk drives do not function well and crashes

easily when the roads are too bumpy. Keeping this concern in mind,

the company has incorporated its innovative 3D hard drive impact

sensor to protect the laptop from the unexpected jolt or shock. This

technology is a complex system of hardware and software designed to

detect sudden movements and 'park' the heads of the hard drive before

damage occurs. It works faster than one can blink and this helps in

protecting the laptop and the all-important data. This particular

feature is usually found on premium laptops for business users.

However, Toshiba believes that it is also one of the important

requirements of the young, trendy and mobile users of India. In

addition, Toshiba has also incorporated the USB sleep-and-charge port

feature in the Satellite L630. This feature quenches the young and

trendy users' thirst for power. The young and trendy are heavy

users of mobile phone, MP3 player, and digital camera. This feature

is very convenient as it allows the user to charge any portable

electronics even when the laptop is turned off. Considering that

booting up the laptop is no longer needed, a user can easily charge a

device even when the laptop and the portable electronic are both

stored in the bag. Power supply is yet another major

concern in India. The high capacity battery pack of Toshiba Satellite

L630 provides a long 4.6 hours battery life, which will be very

useful when consistent and uninterrupted power supply is not

available. For the trendy users, the Satellite L630 offers a new

stylish grey body with green corner bumpers and attractive accents.

The compact yet well-dimensioned 13.3” diagonal screen makes it a

perfect laptop for users traveling on two or three wheelers. href="">

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