Toon Boom Animation to tap Indian market for growth

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Montreal-based animation software solutions provider Toon Boom Animation Inc,

foresees enormous growth potential in the India animation industry. The company

has been operating in Indian since 1999 and has established a great working

relationship with many studios.

Rahul Commerce is the Indian distributor for the company and in 2003 around

26 percent of Toon Boom business in Asia came from the Indian market. The Indian

animation industry has been growing at 30 percent annually.

The global animation industry is around $ two billion currently and is slated

to grow to $ four billion by 2008. According to Francisco Del, Technology VP,

Toon Boom this would lead to a significant increase in local content.


Enumerating the advantages that India has to make it big in the animation

industry, Cueto said, "India's large English speaking population, rich

local traditional content for local production and a growing potential to

develop local industry and be positioned for work-for-hire opportunities are

some of the advantages that India has."

According to him, the drivers for the increased demand for animation in India

include the growing cable TV market and a young Indian population. Around

one-third of the Indian population is in the age bracket of four to 16 years,

the target group for the animation industry.

To further encourage the Indian animation industry, Toon Boom has also

announced its support for an educational initiative launched by the Sophia

Hilton Foundation of Canada in collaboration with the Shastri Indo-Canadian

Institute and the Madras Craft Foundation.

These organizations are joining forces to produce an animated folk epic from

southern India. Studios in Canada and India will use Toon Boom Harmony to

complete this project, which includes 52 twelve-minute episodes.

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