Tirupur Information Technology Association (TITA)

DQW Bureau
New Update


TITA has scored well on

parameters like timely election, awareness program, social activities

and updating the website. What are the factors that helped you

achieve this?

We never compromise on our

regular association work. We are in constant touch with our fellow

association members and we always believe in maintaining a healthy

relationship among our community. In the long run, this will help us

move ahead and achieve our goals. TITA has always worked and will

work for member partner benefit and for the betterment of the


Being at rank 7, do you

feel that there is a room for improvement? Please elaborate.

There is a lot to improve

on the work front definitely. We have covered more than 90 percent of

the dealer community in our region. But at the same time we feel that

this ranking is a great achievement and a great honor for us. We feel

proud of this achievement, since it is only the third year of our


What are the challenges

that your association face, and how are you responding to them?

At the time of the

association formation, the vendor — channel interaction was very

poor in our area and with the help of our association activities, it

has improved. But this relationship needs to improve even more. We

are concentrating on more vendors in our region.


Feedback from members

is one of the key parameters that determined your positioning. What

were your members-centric activities that you have undertaken?

We have connected with our

members through healthy relationship and regularly conducted off-work

activities. All our association

members are connected through land line 'Centrex' and mobile CUG by

Airtel. This year we conducted sports day, two-days tour program and

member's family get together and many more engaging activities.

What will be your

initiatives to accelerate business activities in the region? Any such

activity that you have recently undertaken?

We had conducted an IT

exhibition in our region exclusively for our members and it turned

out to be a grand success. Such events will be conducted in future as

well. We also conduct regular monthly meetings and discuss the

issues, that we are facing in our region. Interaction with more

vendors through our meetings will be undertaken and we will ensure

that our products are available with the sub-distributors within the

city. We also want our members to share their feedback and opinion

with us, so that we know how we are faring. It will help us analyze

our work better.