Thunderhead, HCL form global partnership

DQW Bureau
New Update


Customers of Thunderhead, the enterprise communications company, and HCL can

now benefit from a complete end-to-end integration and implementation package

for the Thunderhead NOW platform.

The cornerstone of the new partnership will be a Thunderhead center of

excellence (CoE), with HCL providing a dedicated team of 50 fully-trained staff.

The center will have a global remit, but will also help Thunderhead extend its

penetration into Asian and the Middle East markets.

The partnership meets an increasing global demand for enterprise solutions

for personalized multi-channel communications, and will add value to HCL

customers and other large organizations seeking to improve their competitive

positioning through superior customer engagement. The CoE will provide the

capacity for very large scale or turn-key Thunderhead deployments, enabling

organizations to quickly and easily migrate from existing legacy document

generation and composition systems to Thunderhead's NOW platform, and achieve a

rapid ROI.

HCL has significant experience in working with Thunderhead, having already

completed a number of projects with the Thunderhead NOW platform. With the

establishment of the Thunderhead CoE, HCL will consolidate that accumulated

experience into a focused service offering, aligned with HCL's expertise

covering a broad range of enterprise applications and systems infrastructure.