Thumbs Up to Yogi from UP Partners

Whether the Yogi effect has already started working in UP is a different rhetoric, but the fact of the matter is the IT partner fraternity of India’s largest (and most populous) stare are cautiously optimistic about the ‘Yogi’fied future.

It’s been a month that the Yogi Cabinet is axing over the Ex CM’s decision and making new statements day by day. Whether everybody in UP is loving it or not is another question, but local partners seem to be positive on the development basis.

The IT business was down last month in state due to Vidhan Sabha elections and the ending of the financial year; it is yet to gain traction and UP IT partners are looking forward to a positive transition once the BJP government is in action.

Devesh Rastogi of Devlok Distributors in Lucknow is positive about the change. He said, “We welcome the new CM whole heartedly. What we perceive is, as the Central and State government is the same now and looking forward towards the 2019 elections, lot of development is going to happen in the industrial sector in UP. A number of central government schemes especially towards digitization and security surveillance which were not implemented by the previous government are now going to be rolled out. So, we are looking towards biometric and security surveillance and lot of other things.”

This is in sync with how the IT partners are reacting after the crowning of the new CM, as Yogi’s name had come out of the blue. “Overall it’s a great move and people are reacting on a positive note.” Devesh added.

Other IT partners too are happy and looking forward for the IT business to boom in UP. Arun K Kakkar of Nutek Computers from Ghaziabad said, “I hope the IT business will have good days ahead as GST will be coming soon and the tax problems we are facing on cartridges and UPS will soon resolve.”

Rajan Singh of Akash Infotech from Allahabad says, “After becoming CM, Yogi has announced several good schemes including an IT hub in Allahabad. So, we are happy and we also hope that the business will rise.”

Bareilly IT partner Kaushal Kumar of BL Computers also has a positive stand on the new government. He said,” Bareilly is a small town but not for an IT market; we are hopeful and very optimistic.”

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