This app will resolve all your tax worries, Know how

DQW Bureau
11 Jul 2017
This app will resolve all your tax worries, Know how

Now apply for a permanent account number (PAN), pay taxes, chat with a tax officer using your smartphone, and it’s all because of an app developed by the I-T department.

One can also link the 12-digit Aadhaar number with PAN and a host of other tax related functions using the app, which is being seen as a step to reduce interface of the taxpayer with the department and ensure hassle-free services using technology.


The App

The app, which is available for Android phones, was launched by finance minister Arun Jaitley on 10th of July . A desktop version was also unveiled.

Jaitley on the launch said,

"This is a very important step forward by the CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes) and the principle reason being technology as a very powerful tool becomes an enabler. Most of the work an assessee can discharge without any external help sitting at home”.


"The app reduces the physical interface between assessing officer (AO) and assessees. Physical interface has many unintended consequences -it is time consuming and can lead to improprieties," the minister said.

 CBDT said it constantly endeavours to provide better taxpayer services and reduce taxpayer grievances. New schemes and e-initiatives to educate taxpayers and deliver tax payer services in an effective manner are key to this effort.

The tax department on the announcement:

"The new step is an effort by the I-T department to directly communicate with taxpayers, on a range of multiple informative and useful tax services, aimed at providing tax information at their fingertips".

It said the module compiles various tax tools, live chat facility, dynamic updates, and important links to various processes within the I-T department in a single module. Taxpayers will be able to receive updates regarding important tax dates, forms and notifications on mobile numbers registered with the I-T department. All taxpayers who wish to receive such text message alerts have asked to register mobile numbers in the Aaykar Setu module which was unveiled by the finance minister.