Third Wave Exim to foray into retailing

DQW Bureau
New Update


New Delhi-based dis­tributor, Third Wave Exim is plan­ning to make a foray

into the retail business shortly. This move is in tangent with its endea­vor to

popularize the Pana­sonic laptops, which its distributes.

So far, Third Wave Exim was targeting certain niche segments only for these

machines. These included government, defense, oil and gas, power industry,

manufac­turers, shop floor workers and other segments where a laptop had to

work under harsh environments. But now, it wants to take this product mainstream

for those custo­mers who might want to consider using it in their corporate


The retail shops that Third Wave Exim will partner with will be multi-brand

outlets. It is in talks with a few and plans to sign up two outlets in New Delhi

and Mumbai each, one in Bangalore, Pune and Ahmedabad. Gauging the success of

this initiative and the return on investment, the company will then sign on more

retail outlets in other regions as well.


Said Vijay Seth, Director, Third Wave Exim, “We have already set aside the

funding for this effort. We will also appoint a person in each of these outlets

to promote our brand and products.”

Currently, the distributor markets the Panasonic laptops though a channel

network of 11 partners. Each of these premium players has their own network of

authorized parents affiliated to them.

The distributor has been concentrating on the nor­thern and western market,

but will now enter the southern market within a few weeks. It will move into the

eastern market as well in the next four months.


Revealing this, Seth said, “We initially wanted to tap these two regions,

as a bulk of our customers were present in the North and South. Now that we are

well entren­ched here, we want to make inroads down South as well.”

Talking about channel expansion plans, Seth says that while the company is

open to working with any partner, it will focus on a few. It will add four more

pre­mium partners in the South once it enters that region. The company does not

want to have more partners in its fold, though.

This is because the tablet PC is a complex product and partners need to be

educa­ted on the applications that can be built on it and how it can be

positioned to diffe­rent customer verticals. This kind of interactivity is pos­sible

only with those part­ners who are really keen on selling a tablet on a regular

basis, rather on a case-basis.


Third Wave Exim started distributing the Panasonic tablets six months ago and

already the brand contri­buted almost 50 percent to its overall revenues of Rs

25 crore, last fiscal. This fiscal, the company expects busi­ness worth Rs 60

crore from Panasonic itself, with an overall turnover of Rs 80 crore.

It also sells office automa­tion and telecom products in the West. Till four

years ago, the company focused on the end-user segment for these products. It

entered into distribution with Dax Net­works in Gujarat and then started

distributing Wipro PCs as well.

Vinita Bhatia Mumbai, June 2