Theft in Focuz Computers

DQW Bureau
New Update


As if the confusion over taxation norms and service issues were not enough

for the channel in Kerala, now partners have to deal with another

menace-burglars. Over the past seven months burglars have looted seven shops in

the region, and the latest victim is Focuz Computers.

Focuz Computers' Eranakulam branch was robbed by burglars who took off with

11 notebooks worth Rs 6 lakh and approximately Rs 60,000 in cash. “We were

shocked to see the shutters open when we came the next morning,” said Santosh

Pillai, Business Manager, Focuz Computers.

He added that such incidents were becoming a regular feature despite

awareness about burglaries among traders in the state. Focuz Computers has filed

a police complaint.


The company has received information that the thieves are trying to sell the

notebooks. “We heard from some friends that a group is trying to sell our

notebooks for a much cheaper rate to traders. This means that the thieves are

still in Kerala. However, we are unable to get hold of them,” Santosh stated.

Following the spate of thefts, it is time that traders started becoming

careful about their security practices. “We request our trader friends not to

buy stolen products and to help us nab the culprits,” he added.