Thecus N2350

Thecus N2350 bags an award as the “Most Interesting NAS”

The Tom’s Hardware team traveled to Taipei for Computex 2017 last month to bring all of the latest developments in the enthusiast categories that matter most. The N2350, the latest 2-bay NAS from Thecus was lucky enough to be awarded the “Most Interesting NAS”.
“Instead of following the herd, Thecus took a leap of faith to entice new users with a lower price point. The Marvell Armada 385 dual-core SoC processor won’t break any benchmark records, but it’s strong enough to tackle your data transfers at high speeds and run some applications in the background.”

“The goal is to bring users into the connected world where software overshadows the core functions most associated with products: data storage. Once indoctrinated, you can use the N2350 for what it is or step up to a system with more features, like powerful multimedia through HDMI and more resource-hungry applications.”

“The Thecus N2350 will get you in the door for a taste test without breaking the bank. You should like it enough to want more features in your next NAS, and that’s why we like this model, at thisprice, so much.”
  • Embedded with Marvell Armada Dual Core CPU
  • 1GB of DDR4 RAM
  • Running on the newly-designed, enhanced ThecusOS™ 7.0
  • Uninterrupted Accessibility with Thecus System Failover
  • Mobile Access with Thecus Connect and
  • Cloud Service Backup with Amazon S3
  • RAID Support (0,1 and JBOD)
  • Plex Media Support
Thanks to Chris Ramseyer and the whole team at Tom’s Hardware for the recognition.
Availability & Warranty
The Thecus N2350 is available with its Regional Distributors carrying a warranty of 2 years.

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