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‘The Vault’ opens its gate for a farmer

Organic farmer and social entrepreneur Dharamvir Kamboj secures financial backing from investors on the latest episode of The Vault!

With participating ventures having been conceived by individuals from all walks of life, the latest episode of The Vault was yet another reminder of how the show is giving wings to entrepreneurial dreams and turning them into reality. The episode saw organic farmers and entrepreneurs Dharamvir and Prince Kamboj amaze The Vault Keepers with their idea of a multipurpose machine that processes farm produce. Another big surprise awaited The Vault Keepers, as two 15-year-old entrepreneurs from Patna, Bhaskar Thakur & Shashwat Gautam, pitched the idea for their ERP/CRM solutions venture, Collobe.

Mohit Goel, CEO – Omaxe Ltd, and Rahul Singh, Founder & CEO – The Beer Cafe, offered to support Dharamvir’s dream, and expressed their willingness to sell the product for a 20 per cent commission, against a deposit of 10 lakhs. Dharamvir, who had at one point of time plied a rickshaw in New Delhi, was overjoyed at being appreciated by these experienced business tycoons. The Co-founders of Collobe, a cloud-based task management and collaboration tool, were similarly encouraged by the panel, with Bhaskar and Shaswat offered an incubation opportunity with NASSCOM. A third venture, ShoppingKart, an e-commerce platform meant to establish local brands globally, failed to attract any offers, but its founders took home valuable business lessons from the investors.

 Jatin Goel, Creator, The Vault, said, “The team behind The Vault is passionate about enabling aspiring innovators to actualise their dreams, and we have been achieving the same right from the very first episode. Entrepreneurs hailing from all over the country have presented their ideas and received tremendous support from the Vault Keepers. We are extremely delighted with the pitches that have taken place on the floor of the show so far, and hope to see many more such promising ventures come to light through the show.”

A one-of-its-kind show in India, The Vault has been hugely successful in its endeavour of providing financial support and national visibility to innovative business ideas. The show has garnered great praise for its unique approach of televising the process of an entrepreneur-investor funding pitch, which is otherwise conducted behind closed doors. With investments worth more than INR 4.5 crore facilitated through the platform, The Vault is open to anyone with dedication and a ground-breaking idea.

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