The usage of flash products will increase in the coming years

DQW Bureau
08 Feb 2011

Flash-based storage drives
will continue to evolve with the massive explosion of data usage.
Solid State Drives will increase in prominence this year. With major
players like Apple, adopting SSDs for their notebooks, other notebook
brands will soon make a transition to SSD memory; due to its
advantages, viz - lower noise, better speed and longer life. With the
need for speed, USB 2.0 will make way for USB 3.0. Demand is high for
flash-based drives and cards and it will continue the same in the
years to come. With the growing amount of digital data and increased
need for mobility, the demand for portable storage devices has been
continuously on the rise. These products have created a huge market
pull, for storage. New consumer devices, HD movie feature bundled
D-SLRs, high-definition TVs, portable game systems, entertainment
systems and multi-function cell phones, are fueling demand for more
digital storage. These devices and their applications (external
storage solutions), act as a source pool for their digital contents.

The usage of flash
products will increase in the coming years. With the sale of mobile
tablets rising, there's a huge potential for flash-based products
to be used as an added external storage for these gadgets. Also, with
motherboards offering USB 3.0 as a standard in 2011, the adoption of
USB 3.0 drives will be further driven as the product of choice for
personal mobile storage and large capacity backup. USB 3.0, SATA 3.0,
small factor, large storage capacity and faster data transfer are
some of the technological features, which are being incorporated in
flash drives.

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