The uprising demand for PC components

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Contributed by Sushil

Bandi, Country Manager-Indian Subcontinent, href="">Western

Digital India

Market dynamics and

consumption trends for PC components have evolved noticeably in the

past year. As the world's leading manufacturers of HDDs and

harbingers of technological evolution in storage, we have anticipated

a radically altered ecosystem and made attempts to bridge the already

narrowing gap between personal and professional storage performance

devices. As it is, with all new technologies, the efforts have

cascaded across the board and vendors have attempted to break out of

the legacy mold to introduce better products that have introduced

consumers and enterprises to the next level in performance.

In terms of technology,

the single most important development has been the evolution of hard

drives in tandem with other essential components such as chipsets and

motherboards. The next few months are crucial with respect to

adoption of faster PC components in the Indian market, being led by

early adopters of performance interfaces and higher capacity internal

drives for desktops.


SATA III compatibility is

the focus of the moment for hard drive manufacturers, who are

investing heavily to market the next-generation 6GB desktop drives.

Widespread adoption of the new drives is the most crucial phenomenon

that will open doors for a range of pure performance applications for

end-users. At Western Digital, we upgraded our entire range of Caviar

Blue and Caviar Black desktop drives in orchestration with plans of

leading component manufacturers to introduce SATA III parts beginning

early 2011.

The demand for storage

capacity is rising exponentially and it will reach unanticipated

levels in a few years' time. Western Digital recently launched the

world's highest capacity internal drive — the Caviar Green 3 TB.

However, the adoption of larger capacity desktop drives will be

influenced largely by other subtle factors: faster interfaces for

one, and also by newer technologies such as virtualization, the

end-user impact of which is yet to be made and felt!

On this note, another

significant development will be an improved penetration of 'green'

hard drives in homes. Of course, performance levels of components

that are cool, silent and energy-efficient are yet to reach standard

levels but we are almost there. Further, though the realization that

'green' drives will significantly reduce power consumption has

gradually trickled down, the end-user will readily adopt them when he

is educated about the immediate power-saving benefit; considering

that the stakes will increase considerably once the entire ecosystem

of components and hardware goes 'green,' this is a possibility in

the near future.

The Indian market for hard

drives has recorded good growth this year too, and we expect it to

maintain the trajectory in 2011. The never-ending surge in digital

technologies and the rate at which they are expected to be consumed

will drive growth in the segment. We plan to ride on, or more

appropriately, drive the wave of adoption of these technologies by


The channel is

well-positioned to reap benefits from the evolving scenario. The

benefit will yield itself through improved skills-sets and technical

know-how. For instance, a certain amount of awareness on up-gradation

and compatibility is a prerequisite to sell a 3 TB or a SATA III

drive to first-time users. There can be a host of compatibility

issues that will arise in this situation and being the consumers'

direct point-of-contact, partners will have to be adept at educating

them in installation, for instance. In times of consolidation,

partners have a superb opportunity to differentiate themselves from

the competition through such value-addition.