The low-price PC market post-Computex

DQW Bureau
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Ever since Asustek made a hit out of the Eee PC and single handedly created

the now so called low-price PC market, Asustek has sold more than 3,50,000 units

globally till end of 2007, and more than 1.3 million units in the Q1 this year,

the low-price PC has been one of the hottest topics at all ICT related areas,

including this year's Computex Taipei, where it aroused a lot of attention from

buyers and media around the globe.

This success didn't go unnoticed by other major computer systems

manufac-turers, who have already started to promote their own brands of

low-price PCs. According to estimates made by the Topology Research Institute,

the low-price PC market is entering a phase of mature development this year.

The Aspire One by Acer is their

weapon of choice against market leader asustek's Eee PC.

During Computex Taipei, Acer launched their answer to Asustek's Eee PC, the

Aspire One. According to Wang Jeng-Tang, Chairman and CEO, Acer Group, total

shipment of the Aspire One is estimated to be somewhere in the range between

five million and seven million, and total global shipments are expected to reach

between 10 to 12 million units. The Wind NB, launched by MSI shortly before the

beginning of Computex Taipei and the M912 by Gigabyte, are also competitors the

Eee PC has to worry about. But Asustek is still number one, when it comes to

low-price PC sales.