The graphic cards industry has grown by 15-20 percent in 2010

DQW Bureau
08 Feb 2011

As per IDC data, the
graphic cards industry, as a whole, has grown by 15-20 percent in the
previous calendar year. The rate of growth of the utility of graphic
cards has been slow, but steady. The attach rate in India is still
too low; compared to other markets worldwide. In the previous year,
we have seen a 40 percent growth YoY and the same is expected to
continue this year as well. There is definitely an upward demand for
products, as applications are asking for more and more power and are
getting more complex. Various applications need higher capacity CPUs
to run, making it mandatory for users to add a GPU to their current
setup to optimize utility. There is a clear and positive move in the
GPU industry as an increasing number of consumers are realizing the
importance of GPU for their applications. The total GPU market is
around six lakh units. NVIDIA has a clear edge with 60-70 percent
market share in consumer graphic cards and 90 percent share in
professional graphic cards.

We have constantly
endeavored to educate and create higher awareness at all levels in
order to better penetrate this industry and to ensure higher usage of
graphic cards. We regularly have workshops for channel partners as
well as other target users of graphic cards in all regions where we
have our branches. These workshops are conducted along with NVIDIA,
that contributes its technical expertise. The second decade of the
21st century is all about evolving technology wherein we will see a
complete convergence of electronics and telecom.

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