The DQ Week Exclusive: QuantM Net completes acquisition of Delhi-based Teamworks Solutions

Post this acquisition, the company will now be called TeamworQ Solutions

Nivedan Prakash
New Update

The Board of QuantM Net Technologies has completed the acquisition of the Delhi-based premium information technology services and software product company, Teamworks Solutions. Post this acquisition, the latter will now be called TeamworQ Solutions. This investment will accelerate QuantM's strategic efforts to capitalize on the growth opportunities within the Indian and global market. This strategic investment is expected to expand QuantM's growth potential and create value for shareholders.


TeamworQ Solutions (erstwhile name Teamworks) is a 12 year old company providing premium business application software products and services including its own Custom Software Application Development, Workflow Automation Solutions and CRM and BI solutions. With over 150 customers, its clients span multiple industries including consumer products, financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, chemical/oil/gas, utilities, construction and industrial and automotive manufacturing.

Meanwhile, both the organizations would continue to operate as two separate entities with a common management layer to bring synergies and cross leverage each other strength and customer base. QuantM will continue to focus on building its growth story around its core competency of delivering IT Infrastructure solutions while TeamworQ would be the growth vehicle around the business application layer with solutions in the area of ERP, automation, CRM and BI.

"QuantM was looking forward to compete with global leaders like Wipro, TCS and HCL by offering complete IT System Integration services including the Hardware and Software offerings. Looking at the high growth of the enterprise application market, presenting a good opportunity for growth, this was the next frontier for our growth strategy," said Pawan Khurana, CEO, QuantM Net Technologies.


QuantM for last few years is heading towards an aggressive expansion and growth plan by opening new operational offices in the US and UAE. The company has also setup a unique hybrid cloud platform branded as 'QuantM Qloud' based on one of a kind grid data center infrastructure and state-of-art NOC facility to its current IT infrastructure in Gurgaon, India.

"With the road map of the growth plan, one investment opportunity that we saw as a possibility was to acquire an enterprise software application firm," commented Khurana.


Raminder Pal Sital, CEO, TeamworQ also was excited to share the growth plans of the new entity TeamworQ. "We have been doing some deep skills based work and have built a reputation of delivering genuine value to our clients through our application solutions and services. This strategic investment from QuantM gives us just the right firepower to ignite us on our growth trajectory in the international markets," said Sital.

The new strategic approach will position QuantM and TeamworQ as end-to-end solution providers and technology consultants, rather than companies offering mere technology solutions across different domains. Besides, QuantM, through this strategic investment, will be really able to grow its Qloud offerings portfolio to a new level.

The company is also creating a bouquet of services where the customer can get application development and maintenance, infrastructure strategic outsourcing, package implementation and management, cloud offerings and traditional system integration. Having structured its business along these parameters, QuantM will be using a combination of organic and inorganic growth strategies to offer solutions to customers.

"QuantM is trying to break away from the mere ‘SI/ hardware player' tag-line that typifies the perception of our clients. Today, we see QuantM chartering specific strategies to move up the value chain and deliver significant value additions to the client," concluded Khurana.