"The DQ Week awards have been real boosters for our business"--Kunal and Kapil Jain

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Kunal and Kapil Jain have been a formidable duo. Proactive is the word that describes them aptly. With more than a decade of experience behind them, this duo has been catalytic in the IT scenario in Madhya Pradesh. They started at a time when IT was the `Sunshine Industry'. Growing from strength to strength, their set up--Microworld--is a seasoned player in the market. For two years consecutively, Microworld has been winning the DQ Week Best Reseller award for Bhopal. The DQW News Bureau spoke to this dynamic team and delved along with them about the past glories and future maps.

The beginning

"Kapil Paperworks was what we had to foray into the IT arena. This was the modest set-up we had, which used to handle paper and computer stationery. With little computer stationery in place, it was about time we expanded our offerings. And thus started Microworld, as the earlier name did not synchronized with IT and renamed the company to the present name.

The caravan

From 1990 we saw our upward scale, where we grew from a mere office automation/stationery product company to a software and networking solutions company. We have seen a consistent growth in our organization ever since. This growth I attribute to our prudent business model and the ability to flow with the change. Waves are to be felt and flow along with them, if I would not do that I would only fall.


The growth

We begun with the media for computers that included floppies etc and than moved on to sell Microsoft software through a dealership of Tata Unisys. Further we moved on to sell Unicorp's systems. 1995-1997 saw a lot of growth for our organization. We won a lot of accolades from the principal companies. We also became a Wipro dealer for various software.

We sold a lot of high-end software such as Turbo Analyst etc. As Unicorp started diminishing, we also became a dealer for Compaq and over the years we have grown a lot with the Compaq partnership.

The zeniths

The accolades and awards won by us have been the biggest achievement for us. When we started our path to success, it was to maintain a constant growth rate, but over these years these awards have catapulted our growth manifold. Not only does it boost our morale; it also helps to have a fortified business profile. The DQ Week awards have been real boosters for our business.

The nadirs

The worst times have been for sure the payment crisis. Not only does it halt the normal business cash flow it also completely disrupts the processes, whether it is the marketing or the accounts. In fact, the payment has been a big problem with the government projects. This is the constant let down in this industry. I just pray and hope the payment modes and modules become more organized.

The future

Over the years in the industry I have realized, one we have to keep apace with the changes happening all around and secondly, that the bad times would not last for very long time. And as soon as we learn it the easier the process of success becomes for us. We have learnt it by heart and follow it rigorously. We grew from a mere office supplies company to retail and networking company. This is what we want to continue in the future. Convergence is the future and home networks are not a distant dream and we would be ready to cash upon this opportunity.