The CPU market remains dominated by Intel

DQW Bureau
08 Feb 2011

PC components, like TV
tuner cards, webcam, mouse, keyboards are accessories which
complement both desktop and notebooks, and thus the attach ratio is
much higher. In spite of the mobile business (inclusive of notebook
and smart phones) growing by leaps and bounds, the desktop market
shall retain its share. The institutional and educational sector
still prefer desktop, owing to the fact of cost v/s performance and
security reasons. Thus the demand shall continue to grow in line with
the total market growth.

India's PC market (unit
shipment) for the first three quarters of calendar year 2010 recorded
7.4 million pieces, leading to a YoY growth of 31 percent. Within
overall PC sales, desktop sales were placed at 4.68 million units, a
19 percent increase. The most appreciable thing that happened in 2010
was that the negative mode of 2008-2009 has been wiped out. The so
called 'financial meltdown', which effected all the trades is over
and the market is on a rebound. The market witnessed a major
technology leap in notebook segment with the launch of iPad. The
mobile technology has grown faster with smart phones taking a major
space in the market. In comparison to them the desktop PC market did
not witness a technological hurricane, it has been more or less on
the traditional path.

The CPU market remains
dominated by Intel — the mainstream Intel Dual, and Quad Core CPU
takes the main market share, but the market is now moving to the
latest Intel Core i3 processor. The launch of the i5 and i7 Sandy
Bridge shall soon create its space in the Indian IT market.
Motherboard segment follows the CPU trend and the current popular
model still remain the G31 and G41 chipset. The Intel G41 chipset has
a sudden spurt owing to the improvement of DDR3 Module pricing.
Mercury PIG41Z and PIG31Z has been the mainstream models.

As a vendor we believe in
bringing technology closer to the user at an affordable price and
Mercury has been delivering the same over the years. Mercury
motherboards are recognized as a quality product with a firm
after-sales support system. To enhance the PC experience, Kobian
provides the biggest range of PC component products ensuring that the
end-customer enjoys the performance and has a good RoI for the same.
Mercury offers the Mercury motherboard, memory modules, chassis,
power supply, UPS, keyboard, mouse, speaker, webcam, DVDRW, TV tuner
card and the display TFT monitor too. A consumer has to approach just
one counter for all the PC requirements and get technical support
from one counter only.

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