Texonic ties with EZ for multishape CDs

DQW Bureau
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Nisha Kurian

Chennai-based Texonic Instruments, in a tie-up with EZ Tech Co of Taiwan, has launched the EZ Tech range of multi-shape CDs. These CDs come with a minimum capacity of 12 MB and the maximum capacity of 250 MB.

The CDs come in different shapes - circular, rectangle, heart, cans, penguin, axle, guitar, etc which can very easily fit into the small slot in the CD drive. They can be used in ones computer or audio/video systems conveniently. They come as business presentation, software CDs, business visiting cards, valentine and birthday gift CDs. "The CDs carry printed matter on the top of it. One can record and delete data and send them as greetings. They are going to create a revolution in sending greetings. In our retail outlet the number of customers who are coming for this CD fall in the age bracket of 18-20 years," said Naveen Bhandari, Partner, Texonic Instruments. "The printed CDs cost Rs 75 and the plain CDs Rs 50 only. There is a jewel box to place the CD, which costs Rs 15" he added. 


Texonic Instruments are the stockists for EZ Multi-Shape CDs in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. "We are not appointing any dealers or distributors for marketing this product. Anyone who needs this product can contact us directly, since it is a normal CD there can be no channel for it."

In another major development Texonic Instrument has entered into a tie-up with Mobile Action Technology Inc of Taiwan for Data Cable, a software solution, which would connect the cell phones with the PC. The Data Cable comes in two models - Infrared Adapter and Connection Type.

The Infrared Adapter is compatible with Nokia, Motorola, Siemens and Ericsson phones since they support Infrared facility. The Infrared Adapter connects to COM port without any external power source. The Connection Type supports all the mobile phones and there should be a regular connector between the phone and the PC.

With the Data Cable one can send and receive SMS, edit the phone book, design and update the ring tone and the logos, synchronizes the calendar, enables modem capability and changes the graphic logos. "We are the sole representative of Data Cable in India.. In Chennai we have appointed Mobile Communications as the distributors. For the rest of India we are in the process of appointing distributors," said Naveen


The Infrared Adapter is priced at Rs 2,500 and Connection Type at Rs 1,200.