Telephone connections cross 153.39 mn in June

DQW Bureau
New Update


The total number of tele­phones in the country for June crossed 153.39

million compared to 148.42 million as on May 31, 2006, a gro­wth of 3.35

percent. The annual growth has been reported at 48.50 per cent. The strong trend

in the number of new telephone subscribers continued in the month of June with a

net addition of about 4.97 million phones, an average daily addition of 1.66

lakh lines.

The mobile phone seg­ment led the growth with GSM contributing 3.19 million

and CDMA contri­buting 1.66 million, respec­tively. The additions in the fixed

line segment during the month was about 0.12 million.

 Of the 66,822 villages that remained to be covered under the Bharat

Nirman Programme on November 2004, a total of 25,870 Villa­ge Public Telephones

(VPTs) have been provi­ded. The remaining 40,952 villages having more than 100

population and not lying in thick forest area are to be covered by November


The Northeast telecom circle continued to record the highest growth rate

(10.10 percent) in the GSM segment, followed by Mad­hya Pradesh (9.22 per­cent)

and Assam tele­com circles (7.51 percent).

In the CDMA segment, the total subscriber base re­gi­stered a growth of 16

per­cent with a net addi­tion of 1.66 million subscri­bers. Andhra Pradesh

and Maha­ra­shtra contributed the maximum to this addi­tion. Andhra Pradesh

alone added 4.07 lakh subscri­bers during the month.