Teleperformance gets new center in Jaipur

DQW Bureau
New Update


Teleperformance annou­nced the launch of a new center in Jaipur to handle

growing demand for its services. As the company's third center in India,

Teleperformance Jaipur became fully operational in the second week of July.

Currently, the center has a number of employees working on expanded business

solutions for existing Teleperformance clients. The new contact center will

provide both general support and advanced technical help desk services to a

variety of Teleperformance clients via traditional voice calling, e-mail, and

web chat.

“We are pleased with the launch of the new center. Teleperformance continues

to experience consistent growth in India, despite today's economic environ­ment,

allowing us to expand our hiring here in India as we meet the needs of our

domestic and global clients. We expect to have over 8,000 employees in India by

2010, making India a significant opera­tion center for Teleperformance,” said

Sanjay Mehta, MD, Teleperformance India.

Teleperformance in India now serves both domestic and global clients from

Jaipur and its existing outsourcing contact centers in Gurgaon and Indore. The

Jaipur center will be an integral part of Teleper­formance's worldwide network

of over 250 contact centers that leverage leading-edge technologies and high

quality agents to deliver outstanding support to over 1,000 clients globally.

“The addition of the Jaipur center extends our commitment to offer our clients

multiple solutions for improving their busi­nesses in locations throughout India

and globally,” noted Dominic Dato, Executive Chairman, Teleperformance.