Telecom industry moots three hurdles for broadband

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India faces the daunting task of clearing three major hurdles in popularizing

broadband service in the country - infrastructure, content and affordable access

devices. While continuing to be one of the largest markets in the world for

broadband services, service providers continue to feel the pinch of absence of

these three factors.

While the country is making steady progress with the help of a pro-active

government in building a robust infrastructure, the corporate are making huge

efforts in creating the huge content pool. As for making access devices

affordable and available, demand will be the only way prices can be slashed in

these devices. Classic examples would be mobile phones, Internet and PCs whose

demand drove the products and service to become affordable.

These were some of the points raised at the panel discussion on ‘Gearing up

for broadband’ held by Voice and Data along with UTStarcomm. The discussion

was divided into three ses-sions–‘The broadband value chain’, ‘Understanding

the broadband customer’ and ‘The technology options’.


With Prithipal Singh, CMD, BSNL, announcing 2004, as the year of broadband,

companies like Sify, Dishnet, Reliance are making huge investments and efforts

in building a strong network in this service. Delivering the keynote address,

Singh said that development of broadband is the most important element in moving

the whole society forward and should be given a national priority. He added that

the global broadband market is currently pegged at $ 30 billion and is expected

to grow at an average growth rate of 23 percent to $ 80 billion in the next five

years. He also informed that BSNL is planning to launch broadband services in

the next one-two months in some cities and is currently setting up the


In the second phase, within a year’s time, NIP would be complete. The

panelists agreed that there is not one single killer app that is going to drive

the broadband market in India, due to the diversity prevalent in the country.

What is needed is localized content catering to the common person–specific and

close to the heart of the masses. Also users need to be educated about the

advantages of using broadband. Without such awareness, the widespread use of

broadband will not be achieved.

The home market is the major target segment of broadband providers other than

SMEs and corporate. There would be three key drivers of broadband content in

future- bollywood, cricket and music. According to BD Khurana, Group President,

Reliance Infocomm, customers would not be willing to pay more than what they are

paying at present for access. Key to success will not be the price point.

Consumer will have to pay for whatever he will view or use. The panelists

included VP Sinha, Director, BSNL; Chirag Mehta, CEO, IceNet; Yogesh Bijlani,

VP, UTStarcom; Rahul Swarup, President, Sify; Anil Prakash, Secretary, TUGI;

Amitabh Singhal, Secretary, ISPAI; SN Gupta, Advisor, TRAI; Manoj Paul, GM,

Bharti Infotel among others.

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