Telangana IT parners

Telangana Partners raised concern over late payments

During the financial crisis, small businesses, losing revenue, were afraid to challenge their big customers, and so bit the bullet and accepted whatever payment terms were offered in Telangana. But now the scenario is IT Partners are not even getting payment on time from government sector as well.

“Not only the private customers but also government delay in payment and this is the major problem in the IT industry especially in Telangana.  We are not getting the reason behind late payment. It’s all not new things in market. Every time the same thing is repeated” said Dinesh Heda, computer collection, Secunderabad.

G Mahendar of Compage Computer says ”Many large companies began telling suppliers that payment schedules would be extended from 30 days to 45 days, or from 60 days to 90 days, and sometimes beyond. In all this we are always facing the downfall. We want our Trade association to get concerned over this problem”.

Delaying payments as long as possible has become the new common problem in state.  In result many small IT business are going   through cost-cutting and at the their trade get suffer.

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