Telangana association vows to go green

The Telangana Information Technology Association (TITA) has initiated a go green program ‘TITA Green Pledge’ to protect and safe guard the environment. The pledge will create awareness about day to day activities which impact environment sustainability.

The association wants people to understand the immense damage being caused to the environment by rapid urbanization. It is of the view that small changes in our life style can put substantial effect in preserving the nature. Shri. Jogu Ramanna Garu, Minister for Forest and Environment, Telangana initiated “TITA Green Pledge” by supporting the green cause.

Sundeep Kumar Makthala, president, TITA said, “People will accept this pledge by planting a tree and pledging by it to protect the tree by watering, mulching and removing litter. People should replace plastic bags with biodegradable shopping bags, turning off electrical appliances when not in use, conserving water, minimizing pollution and recycle e-waste are some of the other aspects included in this pledge. The best part of this pledge is that participants also ensure to encourage their family, friends and neighbors to accept this pledge for a righteous cause and support the cause initiated. TITA intends to spread awareness in the society through this initiative and will use social medium platforms like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp effectively to spread it in the society”.

TITA is thankful to Manthani MLA Shri. Putta Madhu Garu, ZPTC Mekala Sampath, MPP Ramarao, Sarpanch Lingiah, and others in Kamanpur Manda, Manthani, Karimnagar district for taking “TITA Green Pledge” giving special thanks to TITA organizing secretary and ‘TITA Green Pledge’ committee member Raju Laddu for organizing it.


Jurmoloya Rava


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