Techpac to distribute Philips projectors

DQW Bureau
18 Sep 2003

Philips India has finalized talks with Mumbai-based distributor major Tech Pacific India to distribute its range of projectors across the country.

When contacted, Harshad Awasare, Marketing Manager (Creative Display Solutions), Philips, confirmed the news and added, “Techpac will be distri-buting the projector range across India and talks are also going on for Philips audio range of products. The proje-ctors have been sold in India for the last six years through the audio-visual channels. Earlier the projector was just a demo-based product but now this has changed as SIs are also pushing the product.”

The decision to continue with the audio-visual channel has not yet been made. But the IT channels of Philips moni-tors and projectors will be separate.

Unlike other vendors, Phi-lips has been a late entrant into the IT channels but Awa-sare had a different opinion to share, “Firstly Philips has a brand name in India and has a separate division dedicated to projector sales. Even on the technology front, it has Limesco technology and the UHP (Ultra High Performance) lamp, which is unique to Philips. On top of that it has roped in Techpac which is one of the largest distributor in India with a large channel network spread across India.”

The Philips projector range has its own service network acr-oss India in the metros and its partners in the smaller cities.

Philips trains the partners in the smaller cities and it are plann-ing to do the same for the IT channels also. The company has four service engineers at all its service centers in the metros.

Nancy Sudheer

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