Techniche to enter Nepal by mid-April

DQW Bureau
28 Mar 2011

After tasting success in
deployments in Bangladesh and Bhutan, Techniche Consulting is
planning to foray into Nepal by mid-April, hoping to increase its
revenue. “After the political scenario in Nepal cooled down with
some stability in place, we are fully launching our services in the
country. This would of course increase our Saarc revenue by 20%,”
said Satish Choudhary, director, Techniche Consulting.

The company will be
focusing over government projects and supplies besides local private
units in Nepal. Techniche Consulting is already deploying, as well
as, supplying to government projects in telecom, banks and the
educational verticals in Bangladesh besides the regular SMB projects.
However, in Bhutan, its deployments are limited only to the
government vertical.

With the planned venture,
Techniche Consulting will have an international presence in three
Saarc countries, although it will not go for a direct representation.
Explaining Techniche's plans to foray into the Saarc region,
Chaudhary added, “Four years back, we had to take a decision over
expansion of the company and had two choices at hand; either to
expand across India or focus over the neighboring countries in East
India which we agreed upon.”

Further, according to the
company, the factor of apartheid against eastern companies across
India is supposed to have also played a part. “We thought it is
better to focus over international market as in India, companies
based out of the East are generally ignored in the national realm;
partly on account of the stagnancy in the East and the way these
companies function,” he said.

Techniche Consulting is
presently having an annual gross revenue of Rs 16 crore calculated on
TC methodology. Out of this CR, the company has claimed to have drawn
about Rs 5 crore annually from its international ventures. However,
the company is not opting for billing from India to have a pricing
advantage in these locations. Instead, the orders are routed to the
principal company which does the billing either from Indian
warehouses or South-East Asia, primarily Singapore and the
surrounding countries.

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