Technical Education goes Hi-tech

DQW Bureau
18 Oct 2002


G8.Net Pvt Ltd announced setting up of Portal@yourdoors

— An application network of colleges and institutes across the state of

Maharashtra under Maharashtra Board of Technical Education (MSBTE).

Dubbed to be one of the most impacting

developments in technical education scene, reaching more than 375 institutes and

over 2 lakh students, the network is now undergoing deployment by G8.Net Pvt


Technical institutions across the state jumped

to a new level of Education Management. Inter-institute communication,

integration with Portal, curriculum implementation, student attendance

management, parent information tool, direct access to boards database–such as

program information, exam dates, schedules etc are just some of the immediate

benefits to institutions.



is a project to migrate institutions to next level in e-education. It provides

tools, utilities, training and management experience to interconnect institutes

across the state of Maharashtra, through MSBTE’s online initiative. This

network forms the base framework of various functions and tools that are needed

to be deployed for effective Management Information System in the technical

education segment.

“The application toolset, based on G8 Blue

Box, a powerful network appliance has been developed keeping in view the exact

Indian conditions,” said Alok Sinha, CEO, G8.Net (technology partners to MSBTE).

“We understand that we are dealing with a bandwidth challenged environment.

One does not require to have leased line or ISDN connectivity, even a simple

dial-up line is sufficient for the connectivity. Experience has taught us that

some times even a basic dial up is not possible, hence the system is designed to

incorporate physical movement of data,” he added.

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